Monitronics' strength comes from our Authorized Dealer Network.

That's why we strive to provide the best support in the industry and to help our authorized dealers meet their full potential. By offering strong, flexible partnerships along with award-winning security monitoring, Monitronics provides the support, resources and stability they need to grow and succeed.

Michael Zobeck of Select Security Group called MONI’s support staff “amazing,” due to our “industry knowledge [and] helpful, friendly” operations. “They really do care about helping us!” he shared.

Michael Zobeck, Select Security Group

"You cannot grow at your best unless you know you are in a supported and loved environment, and this is what MONI gives you."

Jason Cane, Nationwide Security Solutions

When talking with customers, Jacob Yates is proud and transparent in sharing his relationship with MONI, and always explains the partnership to his customers. His sales approach is reflected in JSB Security Solutions’ longevity and reputation among the local communities they serve.

Jacob Yates, JSB Security Solutions

James Vu of Hi-Tech Installations uses MONI's eContract. When asked about the biggest benefit he sees in adopting our easy to use platform, he said, “It’s easier and a more efficient way to run your operation.”

James Vu, Hi-Tech Installations

"We are new to the program and still putting things in place, but so far MONI has met our needs relating to every aspect of the dealer program."

Debbie Overstreet, Sentry Security Systems

Errin Larsen of Executive Alarm Service recently expressed her thanks to the MONI team, especially noting the devotion of her Dealer Support Specialist, Laurence Jones: “LJ is awesome and goes above and beyond to help you out. [He] responds very fast.” When asked about the qualities that make MONI the top dealer program in her mind, she was quick to note our industry knowledge, effective communication, friendly interactions and willingness to help!

Errin Larsen, Executive Alarm Service

"Easy to work with while getting started. Was very impressed with MoniX and will attend often. Everyone seems to want to support the dealers and they are award winning and have a quality name in the industry."

Justin Sheets, Echelon Home Security

"Great Support. Also we have noticed that other departments outside of dealer related departments, such as customer service, have been educated on dealers and their role as a MONI partner. The result is that when we call into these other departments they have more awareness and can better help us with customers, issues and situations with better results all around."

Ahmed Khalifa, CRS Services Limited

"MONI does a great job keeping the dealer informed of the book of business they are producing on a weekly and monthly basis. I find the credit bucket reporting to be very valuable. Our Account Executive has been outstanding. He is always prompt to respond."

Craig Metzger, GuardMe