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Leading with Technology

What is ASAPer?

ASAPer stands for As Soon As Possible Emergency Response, MONI’s cutting-edge, proprietary program that allows us to respond to our customers’ alarm events much faster! The interactive messaging hub simultaneously contacts everyone on customers' emergency contact list to find out the origin of the alarm, all while our central monitoring station continues to work with first responders on their behalf.

How it works

Once an alarm is triggered, the application that activates communication with customers and their designated contacts for specific alarms are all connected via email, SMS and chat room, providing the opportunity for the alarm to quickly be confirmed or canceled. ASAPer eliminates the hassle and chaos of phone tag because alarm customers receive alarm alerts and can participate in the chatroom from any phone or computer, with one-click alarm resolution by allowing them to take action right from your phone or web browser.


ASAPer is free

As part of the MONI promise to make all of our customers safe and secure as possible, we provide the ASAPer service free of cost!

This new program aligns perfectly with all three of our Brand Pillars: Fastest Response, Customer Intimacy and Comprehensive Security. We are excited for the enhanced experience our customers will receive and for the added feature you can use during your sales presentations.

To sell technology, you have to lead with technology.

As a company that has been around for over 21 years, MONI knows that having the best technology is a key ingredient to a successful business. That is why we provide our Authorized Dealers with the latest technology to create a great customer experience, as well as a streamlined sales process. That's one big advantage to joining the MONI Dealer Program.

MONI Dealer Portal

 Our award-winning Dealer Portal is a resource that plays a major role in an authorized dealer's success. It provides in-depth reporting and flexible user management, making it easy for you to put accounts online and see all aspects of your business functions and performance.


MONI eContract


Our exclusive eContract digital contract application. It integrates with DocuSign for a high-tech approach to streamline sales and fund quickly.  eContract eliminates the cost of contracts and boosts revenue.