Sales Savvy: Warming Up Potential Customers

Here are tips for a successful sales experience, from the door approach and script to the close of sale. You've established a great rapport at the door and the homeowner seemed interested. Now what?

Selling at the door IS NOT what we want to do. There are some important steps to follow. Slow it down and build the trust factor. Who do people buy from? People they trust.

We need to have the FOUR proper ingredients to make a proper sale: 
1. Create Interest, Need and Desire 
2. Balance Between Logic and Emotion 
3. Proper Time Investment 
4. Funnel all Objections to Money

Now that the homeowner is interested, the next step is getting inside, to further explain your solution and its benefits. This should not feel like a sales conversation, so its key that this is accomplished in an unassuming manner. 

You have to believe in what your offering or selling. Does your body read this way? Be natural, really create that interest, need and desire for your product! Creating the Interest, Need and Desire cannot be done at the door. Warm Up with your prospect and allow them to open up to you in order to gain that balance of Logic and Emotion.

If you know they have or have had a system at one time, try this approach: Reference their panel, ask questions about their system. “Do you know if that’s a KP38 or a KP39? Do you mind if we take a look? Not all homes may qualify – but I can tell you right away by taking a look.”

Two other ways to gain entry: Do you have a majority of recessed or surface contacts? Can we look? Does your system have passive infrared or just motion? Can we look?

If they have never had security in the home: (Most all homes are either prewired or have some sort of existing system) Has your home ever been prewired for a security system? Can we look? Do you have a plate or panel in your hall closet? Can we look? What type of back door do you have? Is it double paned? Can we look?

Before you enter: Always offer to take off your shoes. Wipe your shoes if they don’t want your shoes off. 

A proper Warm Up is the most important part of the sale. This is your time to be sincere and gain rapport that is needed to build trust. You just met them, you’re in their home and they don’t know you.

Numerous sales have been lost due to the Warm Up because the sales rep got too comfortable too fast. Never assume anything EXCEPT the SALE. 

Be observant of items in and around the house that will help you ask questions that get a “yes”: Did you graduate from A&M? (I saw the certificate on the wall) = “YES” Did you paint that? (I saw the name on the painting) = “YES” Do you have kids? (I saw the family picture) = “YES” You’re a Ford family? (I saw 3 cars in the driveway) = “YES” Were you in the Military? (I saw the discharge certificate in the frame) = “YES” Pay attention to: Décor Kids Paintings Lawn Cars Medals Academy Certificates

This is your time to take off the sales hat for a few minutes and get to know your potential customers. If this is done properly you will gain the trust necessary for them to open up to you and trust your intentions. You are the first impression of your company and you only have ONE shot at a first impression!

What you’re selling is a need, not a luxury. Don’t do your prospect a disservice by skipping a proper warm up. Get to know them. You want to gain a customer, not a transaction. Why? Customers give referrals!