Attract Top Talent with These Recruiting Tips
26 July 2016

Attract Top Talent with These Recruiting Tips


Trisha Arnold is the Recruiting Manager for Monitronics, with almost 10 years of experience in corporate recruiting and hiring.

Finding qualified sales representatives and technicians for the alarm industry can be challenging. However, there are many creative ways to source for passive candidates and network with others to find top talent. Posting on your website and various career sites (such as Career Builder, Monster and Indeed) is helpful, but recruiters tend to utilize the “post and pray” method, which prohibits them from finding candidates that are not actively seeking new opportunities. At Monitronics, we utilize a multi-pronged, strategic method to reach the industry's top candidates and recruit the best talent possible, which I'll lay out below:

Sales Recruiting Techniques

For sales positions, LinkedIn has been the most successful tool. Not only do we post our sales positions on LinkedIn, but we use their search tool to find talented candidates in designated territories. With LinkedIn’s search tool, you can specify your search regarding education, skills, location, years of experience, etc. The LinkedIn search tool is the best way to find candidates that are not necessarily looking for a new position, but you can definitely peak their interest by sending them messages.

When you “message” the potential candidate, make sure to include the job description and perks/advantages of joining your organization. We have created a YouTube video that emphasizes our growth potential, displays our culture and core values, and provides a preview of our new facility. We include the link to our YouTube video in our introductory communication (which includes LinkedIn messages) to be attractive and set us apart from our competitors.

The “connect” option is also a successful tool on LinkedIn to build your network within the alarm industry. You want to build your network on LinkedIn as much as possible, which will help connect you to more talent. Make sure to not connect with those that will not recognize you because they can reject your connection, which can hurt your account down the road. When you “connect,” you will want to include a note as to why you want to connect, which will help you stand out.

Recruiting for Technicians

For technician roles, the word-of-mouth technique to find passive and qualified candidates tends to work best. You can inform others of your openings by reaching out to those on LinkedIn and other types of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). With social media, you want to ensure that your post is exciting and  stands out to attract others’ attention by including benefits, 401k information, growth potential and other incentives. We also reward our current technicians for successful referrals. If a current Monitronics technician’s referral is hired after conducting the interview(s) and post-screening process (drug/background/reference check), we will provide a monetary reward. This encourages our current technicians to speak highly of Monitronics with their friends/peers and creates an anchor for their retention with the organization. Out of our technician hires, more than 30% are referrals. When reaching out to potential candidates on Career Builder, Indeed and Monster, we will notify them of openings that fit their interests and to inform others within their networks/security organizations.

Attracting Passive Candidates

For passive candidates, Career Builder is an excellent tool to use. Career Builder has specific search engine options to find qualified talent in exact territories. With Career Builder, you will want to adjust your search for candidates that have updated their profile within the past sixty days to seek candidates that are actively pursuing their search for employment. Monitronics offers its Authorized Dealers discounted access to custom created Career Builder templates and posting abilities for just $99 per post. To learn more about this and other benefits, click here.

The main key to reaching out to prospective candidates or networking associates is to have an engaging and professional message. When you follow these tips, you're sure to have a successful recruiting process.


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