Mastering the Art of One-To-One Communication
16 May 2016

Mastering the Art of One-To-One Communication

In today's digital world, the art of face-to-face communication is quickly being replaced by a face-to-phone method, where the only art required is to know which emoji to place at the end of your sentence. In the world of home security sales, however, the most successful sales reps are those that have mastered face-to-face skills, and continue to improve upon them.

Starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be difficult, especially when you both know that the sole reason you are starting that conversation is to ultimately sell them your products and services. Whether you're going door-to-door or conducting a pre-set appointment, it's important to have a solid ice-breaker to begin the interaction.

Controlling the Conversation

Maintaining control plays a big role in reducing the amount of objections you get throughout the sale, and will allow you to transition, ask questions, and divert the conversation much more easily. In preparation, write down all of your transitions and memorize each step that your need to take.

Start by trying to learn one or two things about your offering, product or safety tip. Once you and your prospect become comfortable speaking and you detect an interest, break up the conversation and go directly into questions about their new security system, such as where they would prefer the placement of certain components. Every homeowner has different needs, and this will allow them to take ownership of what you are offering.

Question-Based Selling

This is the best way to identify the customer's needs and recognize their biggest concerns, or "hot buttons." Asking well-formulated questions can help get them involved, even excited, about the new investment they're making into their home.

Depending on their reaction to certain questions, you may be able to direct the sale in the direction you feel would build the most value for this prospect. However, asking yes-or-no questions can be disastrous unless you are certain the answer will be a yes.

After getting a response to your questions, follow-up by asking why they feel that way. This can give you even more insight to their concerns and eventually allow you to create more value.

Here are some quick examples of questions that can be useful if they are asked correctly:

  • "Mr. Jones, what would your biggest concern be between a police, fire or medical emergency?" "Why?" (Right)
  • "Have you ever had a police or fire emergency?" (Wrong)
  • "How many people will be using the system? (Right)
  • "How many people live here?" (Wrong)

Creating Imagery

After you identify the customer's concerns, show the prospect the sensors that are used to prevent emergencies from occurring, then move into the specifics of how they will work for them. At this point, demonstrate how sensors will function in real-life situations such as break-ins or house fires.

Using Assumptive Language

Throughout the sale, your goal is to have the customer believe that their decision has already been made, and that now it's just a matter of having the system installed. Using assumptive language is the best way to achieve this.

Now that you have the foundation of one-to-one communication, find different ways to implement these methods into your daily sales routine. One of the many benefits of the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program are the on-going training opportunities. Whether you are a new dealer or recently hired a new sales representative, we provide webinars through MoniU, and on-going education to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more about the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program!


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