How to Showcase Security Products on an Effective Website
21 April 2016

How to Showcase Security Products on an Effective Website

A website is the visual driving force behind a company's marketing plan, and the internet has become the first place of reference when comparing product lines and price points. A large number of consumers will bypass a business without an online presence.  To avoid getting lost in the competitive landscape, a home security dealer needs a compelling website to display available services for the consumer.

An effective website attracts potential consumers interested in home security systems and current customers enticed by new innovative features.

1. Aesthetically Attract Consumers

The conversation with a consumer begins with a website purposefully designed using the "visual hierarchy" principle. Arranging the most important elements on each webpage quickly provides the viewer with the information necessary to make an informative decision – request a quote, view products or contact the service provider.

Visual hierarchy uses a variety of techniques including color and font size to focus their attention on certain aspects of the message. By creating a hierarchy, the web designer leads readers through the information gathering and decision-making processes.

2. Establish a Positive Consumer Experience

While design is essential to attracting a consumer, developing equally impressive content informs the consumer of the products and services being offered. A streamlined product offering simplifies the website and improves conversion rates. Based on Hick's Law, an increased number of choices for consumers complicates the user experience, often influencing them to abandon the website without selecting a product for purchase. For a home security business with a large product offering, compartmentalized information allows users to navigate through the website at their own pace based on topics of interest.

3. Compare Competitor Websites

Wix, a nationally known template platform, recommends site owners review competitor websites to develop webpage content. What would a customer find appealing? What information is present and what is lacking? An appealing feature, such as menu organization or customer testimonials, may inspire you to implement similar features on your website.

4. Optimize Web Presence for Mobile Devices

Wix also advises website owners to maximize the use of mobile optimization. Many consumers prefer to access the internet using mobile devices, and the home security provider with a mobile optimized website can offer remote system management and home automation in a compressed format respective to the mobile. Appeal to future customers both on a desktop or a mobile device through a mobile optimized website.

A website introduces a company to potential customers and often creates the first impression. Platforms such as Wix provide consumers without design experience the ability to launch a functional website. Additionally, consumers have the option of hiring a web developer to create a website unique to your home security brand.

To improve the prospect dealer experience, the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program recently launched a web redesign. The website redesign provides an overview of the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program, up-to-date industry news and a streamlined approach to become an authorized dealer. A testament to the importance of an effective website, Monitronics Authorized Dealers receive a free 5-page website template through to assist in the development of an authorized dealer's web presence. Contact us today to learn how to become a Monitronics Authorized Dealer!


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