IQ Certification Adds Value and Reduces Attrition
12 April 2016

IQ Certification Adds Value and Reduces Attrition

Home security alarm systems offer a greater level of protection from crime, burglary or fire emergencies. As various home automation features become available, customers monitor doors, lights and their home security through a smartphone device. While home automation is highly desirable, dealers are responsible for installing systems properly to reduce false alarms and ensure a secure home.

To further validate the value of a home security alarm system, alarm companies meet rigorous installation, training and monitoring guidelines under Installation Quality Certification. IQ Certifications recognize security providers who annually meet rigorous guidelines and follow the highest standards of installation, monitoring and customer education. Additionally, IQ Certified dealers emphasize service, knowledge and professionalism when working with a potential customer.

Beyond False Alarms

The IQ Certification was introduced in 1997 with a focus on reducing false alarms. While many dealers still equate IQ with false alarm reduction, quality assurance has been a natural evolution of the original mission. Higher quality installations result in fewer false alarms, but they also allow dealers to spend less time on service for existing accounts and more time pursuing new customers.

Industry Certification

IQ Certification has a number of benefits for the local home security dealer. IQ Certified home security dealers are held to higher quality of installation standards to assure customers receive the necessary training to operate their home security system.

In order to be IQ certified, dealers may affiliate with an IQ Certified monitoring center, such as Monitronics. Dealers in the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program have the opportunity and resources to more easily become IQ Certified.

Security providers with IQ Certification are set apart from competitors, which is helpful in closing a sales and an impressive way of showing your home security expertise to the customer.

IQ Certification Benefits

Certifications are a demonstration of a particular body of knowledge or skill set. Authorized dealers benefit from IQ Certification by keeping their attrition low during the initial 12-month period. As a result of the IQ checklist, the customer is less likely to experience  troubleshooting issues and the dealer can instead focus their time upgrading current customers or generating new customers.

For Monitronics, a high quality account means lower overall maintenance in addition to fewer false alarms and unnecessary dispatches. Those benefits all gain momentum as more dealers become certified.

Invest in Your Business

Join the Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program to take the first step in becoming IQ Certified. Monitronics branded equipment is IQ Certified and the ongoing training programs reinforce the importance of high quality installations and reduced attrition.

The biggest piece that IQ Certified dealers are required to implement is a checklist where the customer acknowledges that they've been shown what they need to know about how to work the system. This list is similar to one already used by Monitronics dealers as part of their standard installation process.

The initial investment includes a one-time $250 application fee plus an additional $250 for the first year IQ Certification. Following the first year of IQ Certification, dealers are responsible for a $250 certification renewal fee. In return, dealers receive a powerful sales differentiator, a guide to best practices and IQ logo branding. The relatively low cost of IQ Certification results in the long-term benefits of proper installation practices and well-trained customers.


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