Building a Custom Home Security System
10 March 2016

Building a Custom Home Security System

Excellent communication skills are the root of every satisfied customer. In the highly competitive security industry, consumers have several options to consider before choosing a home security monitoring system, including equipment, features and promotional offers. It’s important to communicate to your customers the options they have so you can help tailor a home security system and package to their needs. This will further establish yourself as the security professional and build your trustworthy reputation.

Design a Custom Solution

A home monitoring security system should tailor to the customer’s vulnerabilities – fire, burglary or medical emergency. Review possible add-ons or upgrades that can provide extra protection, including home automation, motion sensors and video surveillance. For example, statistics consistently show that most home burglaries begin with entry through a first-floor door – usually the front door. However, one home may have an openly exposed front door that makes entry too risky, thereby encouraging a burglar to walk around to the back and enter through a patio door. Suggesting a sensor on a patio door can provide extra protection and peace of mind for the consumer. On the other hand, a neighbor's home may offer extra landscaping coverage around the front of the home, which suggesting a front door sensor will provide the greatest level of protection.

Test the Security System

After the custom home security system is installed, testing the system to ensure the equipment is working properly completes the installation process. Walking through the steps of testing the home security system during the installation prevents the consumer from paying for a faulty security system that doesn’t protect the consumer from being victimized. Testing the security system boosts the reputation between the consumer and the dealer while reducing unnecessary callbacks in the future. In fact, the average home security system has a test mode to regularly check to make sure the equipment is functioning properly.  If malfunctioning equipment is discovered during the testing process, the installer can detect the issue and request replacement equipment. Testing the home security system during the installation process offers peace of mind to the consumer in the event of an emergency.

A Reliable Monitoring Center

A home security system significantly reduces the chances of being victimized by burglary or suffering injury or death as a result of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Although a home security system provides an extra level of protection, customers need to be vigilant about home security even after installing a monitored system. Guests or contractors who appear to have good intentions could possibly plan for a future burglary once in the home. In case a break-in or fire occurs, customers should trust the monitoring center provides fast response time to investigate the situation and dispatch the necessary emergency personnel.

A proper home security strategy starts with superior home security monitoring from a company such as Monitronics. At Monitronics, we believe our nationwide network of security dealers leads the industry in providing excellent service to our customers. We take great pride in the professionalism and expertise each of our dealers brings to the marketplace, knowing that we succeed because they meet and exceed our expectations. Monitronics Authorized Dealers prove to our customers that we provide reliable home security systems and an award-winning Alarm Response Center. Contact us to become a Monitronics Authorized Security Dealer today!


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