Take the field for the MONI Spring Classic!
09 March 2017

Take the field for the MONI Spring Classic!

Get ready for the first annual MONI Spring Classic.

Dealers in our two leagues – Rookies and Veterans – will compete in weekly funded accounts for a chance to win two all-expenses paid tickets to the “Mid-Summer Classic” MLB All-Star game in Miami, FL!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Dealers must average at least one account per week to qualify for the contest
  • Spring training (Jan 23-Feb 3) was used to establish a production benchmark for each dealer
  • During the five week regular season, all teams will compete for the most points overall


Scoring Rules:

  • Growth will be compared to the Spring Training weekly benchmark:
    • 0 – 9% = 1 run
    • 10 – 19% = 2 runs
    • 20 – 29% = 3 runs
    • 30%+ = 4 runs (max)


  • Best Week:
    • Beginning in the second week of the contest, an additional two runs can be scored by having your best week throughout the contest
    • For example, if Dealer A funds 10 accounts in week one and 12 accounts in week two, they will receive two additional runs in week two for having their best week of the contest


  • Beating Last Year’s numbers:
    • For veteran players, an additional two runs will be scored if you beat your weekly average from the previous year


  • Striking Out:
    • If any dealers funds zero accounts during a given week, they will lose two runs


  • Playoffs:
    • The top 16 teams from the Rookie League will play in a four week, head-to-head, single elimination tournament to determine the champion
    • The top 32 teams from the Veteran League will compete in a five week, head-to-head, single elimination tournament to determine the champion
    • During the playoffs, the production benchmarks will be reset, using the regular season averages rather than the spring training averages
    • The scoring system will remain the same, and the tie-breaker will be the highest number funded accounts that week.  If there is still a tie, the regular season run total will be used to break it. If still tied, regular season production will be the final tie-breaker.


It’s time to step up to the plate. Good luck!


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